Sugar-Free Pork Bacon


After countless requests, Sugar-Free Pork Bacon has arrived! Made with the same delicious pasture-raised pork as our standard Bacon , this product features all of the flavor and none of the sugar. We cure our bacon for a week, then smoke over cherry wood to give it that classic bacon flavor you know and love.

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In It?

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Our Sugar-Free Pork bacon comes from the belly of the pig, which we cure with salt and sodium nitrate before smoking. There's a lot of discussion about the use of sodium nitrate, a natural salt and antioxidant, that has been used to cure meat for thousands of years. Sodium Nitrate is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is found in water, soil, plants, and our own bodies.

Bake your bacon! We suggest baking on a sheet pan (with a drip grate if you have one) in a 350° oven for 12 to 20 minutes. We always say once you can smell bacon, stand by the oven because it is almost done.

Not just a piece of meat

All of our meat comes from pastures within driving distance from our butcher shop in Nashville, so we can ensure the freshest, best quality product.

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