Pork 1/4# Burger Patties

$9 4 Per Pack / 1 lb / Ships Frozen

Change up your burger routine with this amazing pork burger. We pay special attention to strike the right balance of lean meat and fat in order to create a bold and juicy remix of your typical beef burger.

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In It?

meat location illustration

Our ground pork is made with carefully selected trim from the entire hog. We only put lean meat and back fat into our meat, making sure to trim out all the undesirable bits creating a juicy, delicious meat to fat ratio.

Season patties with salt and pepper. You can cook the burgers on a skillet or grill on high heat turning over after 4-5 minutes. Cook on the second side for the same amount of time as the first side, until both sides have a good brown char. Ketchup to dip. Smile and enjoy the world’s greatest pork burger.

Not just a piece of meat

All of our meat comes from pastures within driving distance from our butcher shop in Nashville, so we can ensure the freshest, best quality product.

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