Lamb Chimichurri Links

$18 6 PER PACK / 0.95-1.05 LBS / SHIPS FROZEN

You might have noticed we’re a bit obsessed with chimichurri. Herbs and garlic bring out the best flavors of almost any meat, but we think it’s especially good with lamb. Rather than making you do all the chopping required to make a batch for yourself, we’ve gone ahead and included it in these delicious links. With our domestic pasture-raised lamb, fresh garlic, and tons of herbs, this sausage is all flavor, without any fillers or additives.

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In It?

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Our sausages are made with carefully selected trim from the entire lamb. We season them with our own custom blend of herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients to give it great texture and flavor. Ingredients: Lamb, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic, oregano, pasley, lamb casing

We always suggest starting our sausages on low heat, then crisping them up at the end. The indirect cooking method will prevent the natural casing from exploding and drying out your sausage.

Not just a piece of meat

All of our meat comes from pastures within driving distance from our butcher shop in Nashville, so we can ensure the freshest, best quality product.

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