Scavenger’s Box

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MeatEater x Porter Road

Just like the MeatEater Crew, when it comes to meat, we don't like anything to go to waste. Whole-animal seam butchery is our specialty, so there’s nothing we appreciate more than an adventurous carnivore. “My hope is that you’ll have fun with these ingredients and learn a thing or two. And then, the next time you’re processing game in the field or at home, you’ll be emboldened to save a few unfamiliar cuts or organs in order to give them a shot at the dinner table.”  – Steven Rinella

Limited edition box includes: A signed copy of The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine by Steven Rinella, Beef Heart Steak, Sliced Beef Liver, Beef Tongue, Beef Neck Roast, 5 lbs of Beef Bones, Beef Kidney, Pork Neck Roast, and a Pork Shank.

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Not just a piece of meat

Great flavor starts in the field. At Porter Road, we partner with farmers who raise their animals on pasture, for a difference you can taste.

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