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Commonly used for Asado-style, open fire cooking, this Argentinian cut is very rarely seen in the states. The vacio is made up of the inner skirt steak, flank steak, and bavette steak. This large cut is made for slow cooking and feeding a crowd, with fat and membranes left on to protect and baste the meat while it cooks, and to crisp up for delicious crunchy fat.

This cut was taught to us by our friend and live fire cooking expert Al Frugoni. While cooking a whole hog together, Al asked if he and James could cut a beef roast that he used to cook back in Argentia. James said yes - we are a whole animal butcher and love experimenting with new cuts. James and Al made a fire and roasted this rich, flavorful cut - and the results made the team want to offer this unique delicious cut to all the meat nerds out there.

This item is cut to order and may take 2 weeks to ship.

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In It?

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Vacio comes from the belly of flank primal of the beef. Spanish for “void”, the vacio falls between the ribs and before the hip, in an area of the beef that is free of bones. This cut is made up of the inner skirt steak, flank steak, and bavette steak. It is very fatty which creates a juicy end product.

Vacio is best slow cooked with open fire, over coals to make sure to render and crisp the fats. This cut takes time but will be worth every minute.

Not just a piece of meat

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