How do I earn points?

For every dollar spent, you’ll earn 1 point if you’ve spend less than $250 over the last year, 1.25 points if you have spent $250-$1000, and 1.5 points if your spend in the last year is over $1000. You’ll also earn points for your birthday, and for referring friends and family.

How do I redeem?

How to apply to one-time purchase:

At checkout, use the drop down menu to redeem points. If you change your mind and want to redeem later, navigate to the ‘history’ portion of your account to get your discount code and apply it at checkout on a future purchase. If you're using Paypal or ShopifyPay, you will need to copy and paste your code from your rewards page.

How to apply to subscription?

On the reward page redeem your discount, and copy the discount code. Navigate to your subscription and ‘upcoming orders’. Apply the discount code to whichever item you would like.

Can I use reward points on discounted items?

With the exception of our Cut of the Week, discount stacking is not an option.

Do points expire?

Just make one purchase a year to keep your points. If your account is inactive for more than 12 months, your points will expire.

Does my reward tier expire?

Your tier is determined by one year rolling speed.