Zesty Grilled Lamb Ribs

Rethink ribs with this simple grilled Lamb Rib recipe. 

This recipe utilizes the freshness of parsley and lemon juice to balance out the richness of the lamb and smokey flavors imparted by grilling. This cut has quite a bit of fat, so we suggest starting it low and slow to allow some of the fat to render, leaving behind juicy ribs with a crispy fat cap. 

Grilling Lamb Ribs

Zesty Grilled Lamb Ribs

Two Servings


1 Rack of Lamb Ribs



Juice of One Lemon

Zest of One Lemon

Parsley, chopped


Step 1

Heat your grill to medium-low and season the Lamb Ribs with a liberal sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Step 2

Cook for five minutes on each side, or until the fat cap has begun to render and the internal temperature is 125ºF.

Step 3

Increase the heat and sear both sides until nicely browned and the internal temperature reaches 145ºF.

Step 3

Toss the lemon zest, juice, and parsley in a bowl and mix.

Step 4

Cut between the bones. Toss in the lemon mixture and enjoy!

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