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While we’re off harvesting, dry-aging and hand-cutting your top choice, check out our Butcher’s recommendations and try something new and delicious.

Tomahawk Ribeye

$88 2.5-3 LBS / Ships Fresh

Also called a Cowboy Steak, Tomahawk Ribeyes have to be one of our most impressive cuts. This 2-inch thick Ribeye comes with the rib bone still attached, making for one hell of a presentation.

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This is the over the top steak that will leave you feeling like a caveman. We cut the two largest ribeyes off of each rib section, and leave the entire rib bone attached. The extended rib is then frenched, removing all of the meat and tissue to expose the beautiful white bone. We tie these mammoth cuts up for easy cooking, then send them your way.

You’ll want to cook this one high and fast. Preheat your grill to get a quick sear, then move to indirect heat until the internal temperature reaches 130°. Don’t overdo the spices; high heat tends to burn them off. If you want to preserve the nice white bone, wrap in foil before cooking.