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While we’re off harvesting, dry-aging and hand-cutting your top choice, check out our Butcher’s recommendations and try something new and delicious.

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Memphis BBQ Sausage

$10 3 per pack / 1 LB / Ships Frozen

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Our sausages are made with carefully selected trim from the entire hog. We only put lean meat and back fat into our sausages, making sure to remove all the undesirable bits (ahem, unlike some other links out there). We use a natural casing for all of our sausage links, to give them that crisp, hearty bite. Ingredients: Pork, salt, black pepper, white pepper, brown sugar, smoked paprika, red pepper flakes, ancho chili powder, fresh garlic, tomato paste, honey, apple cider vinegar, fresh green onions.

Start this sausage on low heat, then crisp them up at the end. The indirect cooking method will prevent the natural casing from bursting and drying out your sausage.