Pork Bacon Ends

$8 1 Lb / Ships Frozen

With these small bacon chunks you can sneak the smokey, savory flavor of our pasture-raised pork bacon into pretty much any dish. Add them to your carbonara in place of (or in addition to) pancetta, braise some greens, or crisp up lardon to make your salads a bit more enticing.

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In It?

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Each pack of Bacon Ends includes small pieces of our Pork (Belly) Bacon, Jowl, Back and Ham Bacons.

While these small bacon chunks can be used in a variety of dishes, our favorite application is in braised greens. We are southern, after all.

Not just a piece of meat

All of our meat comes from pastures within driving distance from our butcher shop in Nashville, so we can ensure the freshest, best quality product.

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